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Jewish Buffalo Archives Project
Jewish Buffalo Archives Project -University at Buffalo Libraries
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the archival materials donated to us.
Currently we seek collections from both active and
closed organizations and institutions including
collections from synagogues, community based schools,
community welfare and other agencies, Jewish cultural
and social groups or initiatives, Jewish businesses as
well as individual and family papers.
The Oral History Program augments archival materials
by recording the unique recollections and stories of
individuals who have played a part in creating and
sustaining the wider Buffalo community that we have
today. Individuals come from all backgrounds and
parts of the community and together form a mosaic of
Jewish life lived in a specific city, suburb and
surrounds of Western New York.
This Jewish Buffalo Archives Project continues the
legacy of collecting the history of the Jewish
Communities of Buffalo and Western New York first
compiled during the 1950s and 1980s. Those
collections focused more exclusively on a core of
central community agencies, and eventually culminated
in the Jewish Archive of Greater Buffalo (Collection of
Dr. Selig Adler), now open for public research at the
University Archives, University at Buffalo.
The materials currently being collected and donated to
the Jewish Buffalo Archives Project are being made
available for public research at the University Archives,
who as our partner institution, has agreed to be the
repository for all our materials. The ultimate aim of the
Jewish Buffalo Archives Project is to comprehensively
document a mid-size American Jewish community in
its near entirety, building a Jewish community archive
for the 21st century, in order to draw scholars,
researchers, journalists, educators, genealogists and
others to explore this heritage, as well as to sustain and
nourish the current Jewish community in Greater
Buffalo. It will establish a comprehensive and unique
resource of Jewish Americana for this region and
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