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Contributor License Agreements
Contributor License Agreements - DuraSpace - DuraSpace Wiki
https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSP/Contributor+License+Agreements[6/25/14 5:15:41 PM]
Adam Soroka UVa
Osman Din Yale
Eric James Yale
Kevin Clarke UCLA
Nigel Banks DGI
Esmé Cowles UCLA
Longshou Situ UCLA
institution FIZ
institution Stanford
institution UNC
institution UNSW
institution UCLA
institution DGI
institution UCSD
Committer/Contributor CLA on file
Committer/Contributor Institution CLA on file cCLA on file
Bill Branan DuraSpace
Daniel Bernstein DuraSpace
Andrew Woods DuraSpace
Erik Paulsson DuraSpace
Gad Krumholz TDL
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Edwin Shin
As a heads-up, any revisions to either the individual or corporate CLAs should
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