142 · Representative Documents: Job Descriptions of OSS Contributors
Digital Initiatives Programmer 2
Position Description Questionnaire
Rev. 2/1/13
Why (or for what reason) does this position exist?
One of the University of Tennessee Libraries' high priority strategic goals is to provide
comprehensive and efficient access to our users where they are. The work of the individual in this
position is vital to successfully meeting this goal.
This position will be a member of the Systems department within the University of Tennessee
Libraries and will help jump-start the development and implementation of new and emerging
information technologies for enhanced virtual access.
The person in this position will work with minimal supervision both independently and
collaboratively as part of a team of library computer programmers. This position will complete
projects as assigned to them by the Assistant Professor and Systems Development Librarian (to
whom they will report). When assigned tasks, this position will be responsible for choosing the best
computer programming languages, software, and hardware in order to complete projects within the
required deadline and budget. The position will be expected to work with minimal supervision and to
make sure that completed projects function as detailed in the initial request and meet the goals of the
project overall.
The person in this position will create specifications for complex library information systems and
software using accepted systems analysis techniques and procedures and in consultation with other
library and university programmers, systems administrators, technical support staff, and end users.
These system specifications will be utilized to design, develop, test, document, and implement new
computer programs and information systems and technologies as well as to modify, enhance, and
extend existing information systems and technologies already in place within the UTK Libraries.
What areas does this position impact? (Mark all that apply):
Program Campus/Institute
Department University
Division/College External to the University
Describe the level of responsibility this position has in the area(s) checked above.
Department (University of Tennessee Systems):
Will share with other members of Systems the responsibility for identifying, investigating,
integrating, and creating new and emerging technologies in support of library operations, goals, and
end-user information-seeking needs.
Division/College (Library):
Will be responsible for ensuring the library meets the strategic goal of providing comprehensive and
efficient access to our users where they are.
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