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OSS System Staff Staff hours
per month
Hippo CMS 10 40 Includes maintenance and occasional upgrades; does not
include development of new website features.
Hydra 1 60 By “in production,” in this question, it appears to us you
actually mean still in development prior to deployment or in the
earliest stages of deployment.
Hydra 3 100
ICA-AtoM 2 20
Islandora 1 70
Islandora 2 We can’t calculate staff hours with any accuracy as we haven’t
been systematically keeping track.
Nagios 0.25 1 For this OSS component, there only requires minimal effort to
maintain, just the application of system patches.
obento (our in-house
developed bento search)
2 20
Open Journal System (OJS) 1 10
Open Journal System (OJS) 3 75 24 instances; customer support and updates to software
Omeka One digital exhibit
Omeka 1 10 The active installation requires minimal work. We are in the
midst of a version update, to replace the current production
installation—that is a larger time commitment, but I view it as
a “project” not “support”.
Omeka 1 2 Most effort spent sporadically when software needs to be
Omeka 1.5 2 Very difficult to give staff hours per month; depends very much
on the release cycle for product and status of projects being
Omeka 3 10
Open Journal System (OJS) 1 8 Hours/Staff do not include continued development time.
Open Journal System (OJS) 2 44
Open Journal System (OJS) 2 50
RUanalytic 2 40 We are currently enhancing it via an NSF grant so spending
more time on it than normal, particularly in response to
feedback from grant P.I.
Shibboleth N/A N/A This is incremental process, since we are supporting the
university’s single sign-on initiative. Library use of Shibboleth
is being gradually phased in, with the goal of Shibboleth
becoming the standard.
Social Feed Manager 1 2
Solr/Nutch 3 20 Apache-based product to create a search index for our public
web site.
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