SPEC Kit 340: Open Source Software  · 145
Digital Initiatives Programmer 2
Position Description Questionnaire
Rev. 2/1/13
o Participate with other members of the department on regular on call rotations.
Make recommendations for future information technology development projects.
What types of decisions does this position make?
Performs daily work tasks with minimal supervision.
Determines and recommends the best computer programming languages, practices and techniques,
computer hardware and software, and other technology as needed to meet the needs of specific
assigned tasks and projects.
What types of decisions are referred to others?
Decisions to change project goals and priorities.
Decisions involving additional funding for projects and technology beyond what has already been
How are decisions implemented?
By the application of education, knowledge, experience, and professional judgment.
What types of supervisory responsibility does this position exercise?
Hiring, disciplining, supervising, granting increases (Explain)*
Effective recommendations in hiring, etc. (Explain)*
Providing work direction to a group of employees (Explain)*
Assisting others by providing guidance (Explain)*
Little or no supervisory responsibility
This position will provide technical expertise in software development that will influence all aspects
of any development project they are a part of including specific technologies used, software
development strategies and techniques, timelines, and costs.
As the expert on the computer programs, systems, and services they will be responsible for
implementing, the person in this position will provide guidance to others in the proper use of the
computer programs, systems and services within the parameters of their inherent capabilities.
Number or employees/students that this position supervises:
Exempt employees Students
Non-exempt employees Others (Explain)*
This position will not serve in a direct supervisory capacity.
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