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IRC for chat collaboration
IRC, Google Hangouts, Adobe Connect, Skype
Project management tools (e.g., Trello)
Virtual tools for the team, project management software
29. What licensing models does your organization recommend for distribution of software? Check all
that apply. N=42
GNU Public License (GPL) version 3 16 38.1%
Apache 15 35.7%
Creative commons 15 35.7%
MIT 12 28.6%
GNU Public License (GPL) version 2 11 26.2%
BSD 3 Clause 3 7.1%
BSD 2 Clause 2 4.8%
Other licensing model 12 28.6%
Please briefly describe the other licensing model. N=12
Educational Community License (ECL) - ECL 2 (2 responses)
Educational Community License (ECL)
I wouldn’t say that we’ve come across this very often or that we have a strong opinion of which licenses to recommend.
If asked, I’d recommend that we evaluate these options and use the license that best fits the software. Much of the
code we write falls under the license used by the platform or libraries that we leverage. Further, we haven’t really been
open sourcing any internally developed applications.
Internally developed Rights Statement based very closely on CC.
OSS produced at LC is generally considered federal work product and public domain.
Public domain
Public domain (Creative Commons - CC 0)
There is no organizational policy on licensing models.
This is just what we’ve used; there is no standard license that we would necessarily recommend.
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