SPEC Kit 340: Open Source Software  · 21
Existing systems are rewritten only when there is a need.
Inter-campus work, marketing department and ITS
Other responsibilities as assigned/needed.
Professional conferences
Streamline services, decommission paid services, security review.
Training on related emerging software technologies and platforms.
We work to keep applications supportable in the library by choosing technologies and languages that can be supported
by more than one person in IT, and through cross training on those technologies.
4. How do users of library systems give feedback to your library IT staff? Check all that apply. N=76
Feedback Method Library
Through a helpdesk or bug tracking system 69 35 25 31 71
Emailing or calling the system manager/developer directly 67 39 16 23 68
Through a web form built into the library website 48 54 59 60 65
Through subject librarians 33 44 58 49 65
There is no established method 1 1
Other method 5 3 6 6 8
Number of Responses 76 69 75 71 76
If you selected “Other method” above, please specify the user group and briefly describe that
method. N=12
“Contact us” link and Chat
Emails or chat notes or phone messages forwarded by other library employees.
In person
In person discussions [with library employees]
Our public feedback takes place through email to support web sites, or notes in suggestion boxes. Our system user
feedback takes place through the Help Desk.
Service teams for our major brands who help assess requests for features, problems, projects, etc.
Through library public service staff (not all of them necessarily subject librarians).
User research, informal conversations with members of various groups
We have a User Experience department that employs several methods for gathering feedback of existing services, as
well as feedback and input on services as they are being implemented.
We have an extensive release testing process that involves faculty and staff throughout the libraries.
We no longer have a web form for tech support; it was replaced with a web helpdesk ticketing system. The IT ticketing
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