SPEC Kit 340: Open Source Software  · 25
If you indicated above that the library is using any software for an “Other purpose,” please briefly
describe that purpose. N=25
Archival description software (ICA-AtoM for archival finding aids)
Archival Management for managing archival data.
Citation Fox and IL Fox
Content management system
Course reserve is Blackboard, hosted by university IT, not the library.
Database software (MySQL), Web Server (Apache), Exhibits (Omeka), Timeline & Map web support (Neatline)
Electronic Finding Aids: currently use Archon, will move to ArchivesSpace in the future.
Enterprise service bus and rapid application development environment afforded by Kuali Rice.
FYI, we are considering vended product/hosted by vendor to include the university’s central IT unit (Office of the Chief
Information Officer) and central academic computing unit (Office of Distance Education and E-Learning).
Here are some top software products the Libraries have developed to fulfill our needs: research consultation services,
equipment management, trouble ticket, feedback, hours, event administration, news/alerts, reference transactions,
spam blocking, reminders. Also, we have a vendor product for single-sign on for our ILS. Lastly, there are, additionally,
more campus central IT run services that the Libraries use.
Just wanted to note an additional dimension to consider. We make use both of very library-specific software primarily
managed by the Libraries but are also heavy users of software provided by our university’s central IT dept. In some cases
the relationship is somewhere in between a locally hosted and vendor hosted situation.
Many of the choices above do not allow for accurate categorization of our environment.
Monitoring, performance analysis, metrics, digital signage
Note: Dataverse (Data Warehouse) and geospatial software (Data Analysis) on shared consortial system: From Scholars
Portal, of the Ontario Council of University Libraries.
Offsite storage inventory, RFID, self-checkout.
Omeka for online exhibits
Other purpose is Digital Collections application and ContentDM for metadata management.
Persistent identifier software
Research guides/FAQs, digital exhibits, EAD repository, staff directory, Database A-Z
Resource annotation and analysis tool (RUanalytic). Metadata and resource handling application (OpenWMS) and ETD
submission system (RUetd)
Scientific data analysis, text mining
Social media archiving, and social media display/sharing
Subject-specific databases/portals, electronic access
We also have several productivity tools that are small productivity applications, such as tools for replacement materials
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