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Freedom to use, study, copy, modify, redistribute our solutions. Participation in a broader community. Visibility in that
community as a contributor.
Functionality that best meets our needs is built into the software. Community participation. Identification and reporting
of bugs and new features.
Gain respect as industry leader. Community enrichment. Education.
Good library citizens/community contribution. Having features released that we require. Exposure to new ideas and
professional learning and sharing from a broader community.
Increased visibility. Added enhancements.
Institutional needs more likely to be accommodated.
Institutional recognition. Creating a better product than what was currently available. Opportunities for collaboration
both within the US and abroad.
Latest software releases. Ability to help steer direction of software development. Ability to tailor software to local
Our monetary contribution helps to sustain the open source federation.
Prestige. Providing direction. Collegial atmosphere.
Pride. Forces rigor.
Providing flexible solutions to solve common library issues or service requirements. Professional development of team
members & providing exciting/challenging work environment.
Recognition. Control of budget.
Recognition and community building. Opportunity to influence product development.
Recognition as a source of expertise. Input into direction of software development.
Reduced support costs: others can adapt tools rather than requesting us to make changes. Ability for others to enhance
and expand on previous efforts.
Safety in numbers: use helps to ensure viability of the solution. Revenue from offering support. Bug reports and
occasional code contributions.
Shared development
Staff development. Reputation. Collaboration building.
Sustainable solutions: together we go farther. Sum is greater than the parts: quality solutions that meet our needs.
Investment in our staff: more meaningful work, deepening skills, end of isolation.
Tool is available to meet our needs. Customizability. Ability to add features as needed.
Visibility and participation in the community. Investments benefit other libraries and can lead to partnerships, other
We are part of the OSS community.
We helped the Avalon and Variations projects through testing.
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