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Type of OSS Project Code (i.e.,
developer time)
Money Hosting Other
Blogging 2 2 1 40 44
Electronic resource management 6 2 4 33 43
Course reserve 4 2 39 43
Floor maps 4 1 1 38 43
Data warehouse 6 2 1 37 43
ELMS 3 1 1 39 43
Visualization 4 1 1 2 39 43
Web analytics 3 1 1 38 43
Other type of project 15 5 2 6 16 30
Number of Responses 47 36 16 27 45 56
If you selected “Other contribution” above, please briefly describe the contribution the library
makes to each corresponding project. N=25
Adding modules, patches as well as providing whole libraries (SRA toolkit, C++ toolkit, etc.)
Beta test institution
Blacklight: regularly host and organize committer calls; hosted Blacklight developer conference. Vireo: participate in the
governance of the user community. Duraspace: Silver sponsors. Public Knowledge Project (PKP): Silver sponsors.
Both Kuali and Shibboleth are systems that are used university-wide. The Libraries is responsible for integrating these
systems into our existing technology environment.
Consultation, organization
Contributing Omeka_a11y to the Omeka Project and ShadowPage, a page-turning plugin for content presentation in
Contributing to and testing enhancements.
Creating software that intersects with OSS to enhance functionality.
Developing a crowd-sourced transcription tool.
Discovery layer, ILL, and “Other type of project”: the library has contributed leadership, project management,
governance, HR, financial management, and IT infrastructure support via the eXtensible Catalog Project, which
developed four toolkits that fit within these various categories.
Feedback and bug reports for release candidates/new releases, contributing to support forms and listservs.
For both Citation Fox and IL Fox, library staff have provided training and given presentations at regional conferences.
Functional requirements, technical requirements, advisory role
Functional requirements, testing
ILS: project management, providing use cases. Electronic resource management: project management. Institutional
repository: community membership.
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