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Systems Developer/Engineer
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Systems Developer / Engineer Non-SAP
Working Title: Applications Developer
Job Code: 8189
Classification: A&P (non-SAP)
Position #: TBD
Hours/Shift: 8 a.m. 5 p.m.
Position Organization: 32015 Information Technology
Work Location:
Ave Library
Reports to Position #: 00061038, Head, Applications Dev/Support
Summary of Duties:
University Libraries are seeking an Applications Developer for the Applications Development & Support (AD&S)
department in the Information Technology Division of the University Libraries. As a member of the AD&S team, the
successful candidate will be responsible for designing, developing and managing innovative web-based
applications that support, enhance, and extend the mission of The Ohio State University Libraries. With this goal in
mind, the candidate will design, develop, implement, and test web applications, as a suite of products and services,
for delivery via OSU Libraries public and private web sites, library catalog, and/or other web related systems that
are in accord with industry best practices, the Libraries’ and Ohio State’s branding standards, and web accessibility
guidelines. This position provides a great opportunity to design creative and usable solutions, making a significant
impact on how patrons, faculty and staff experience services at the University Libraries.
Additional Information for Applicants: (Please submit this section to OHR and request this information be added
to the Additional Information section provided on the jobs board)
Services We Provide
AD&S provides four service offerings to the Libraries: collaboration and communication platforms which include
the Libraries’ content management system, blogs and Intranet; custom application development; Integrated
Library Systems support (i.e. catalog services); and IT project management.
The Team
The AD&S team currently includes two developers, one project manager/business analyst, and two team members
who support the ILS (Integrated Library System). We are expanding our team to a total of five developers to
diversify our skill sets, increase throughput, and support a growing Digital Initiatives program. We collaborate
closely with the Infrastructure Support department in monitoring, supporting, and maintaining systems.
How We Work
AD&S practices agile software development as appropriate with emphasis on short iterations, lightweight
requirements-gathering, and developer-functional expert partnerships. Our typical week includes Maintenance
Monday (dedicated to ticket resolution and application maintenance), daily standups, a sprint planning meeting,
and three days of project work. The developer chosen for this position is expected to form productive pairs with
developers on our team and spend a good deal of time in pair programming. We value close collaboration (within
the Libraries and with other groups on campus), face-to-face communication, and transparency, and we are
results-driven while balancing time for fun and innovation.
What We Use
The developers work with open-source software whenever possible. The exception is our ILS which is third-party,
but we will soon be able to interact with its catalog data via SQL queries and an API. Our primary languages are
Java, PHP, and Ruby, and we use MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. In addition, we support a large installation of
DSpace (kb.osu.edu) and a CMS on Silverstripe (library.osu.edu).
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