20  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Please briefly describe the other software development practice(s) your library IT staff employ.
Acceptance testing, pair programming, community code review, continuous integration, DevOps practices
Agile/Scrum project management practices
Agile development
Agile development methodology with active involvement of customer
Agile Project management
Agile Scrum development methodology. Also note that not all practices checked above are applied universally across all
Continuous integration, bug/enhancement tracking, backlog management
Deployment strategies, such as Capistrano
Experimental software as part of research projects
Functional testing. Virtualized development environments and code driven environment configuration. Design patterns.
Agile approach, trying to implement a 2–3 week cycle for milestones. Frequent standups, not daily but certainly when
issues arise. Iterative development with incremental feedback.
Informal usability test
Modify open source code for library use.
Pair programming
Pair programming, interaction design (personas, user stories, prototyping), TDD
Security checks, penetration testing
3. Which of the following activities are library IT staff encouraged to participate in? Check all that
apply. N=76
Experimenting with new technologies 75 99%
Prototyping for potential projects 62 82%
Rewriting existing systems to make them easier to support 57 75%
Collaborating on projects that are not part of their specific responsibility 56 74%
Other related activity 10 13%
Please briefly describe the other related activity. N=10
Collaborating with developers outside the Libraries, participating in open-source developer communities, attending
developer users’ groups meetups.
Configuring, customizing, and extending existing systems.
DevOps work to support operations staff.
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