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Digital Initiatives Programmer 1
Position Description Questionnaire
Rev. 2/1/13
Will be responsible for ensuring the library meets the strategic goal of providing comprehensive and
efficient access to our users where they are.
Will greatly improve access to virtual library information resources for campus faculty, staff, and
students such that they will be able to more efficiently and effectively conduct research, teach, and
complete coursework.
Supports the university’s teaching and research mission by working to develop more effective and
efficient ways for faculty, staff, and students to access virtual information resources equally across
the state regardless of physical location.
External to the University
Knowledge, techniques, solutions, code, documentation, and so on developed by this position will be
shared with external library, university, and information technology communities.
What type of budget impact does this position have on the area(s) for which it is
Full authority to commit funds (Explain)* Size of budget impacted
Effective recommendations to commit funds (Explain)* Size of budget impacted $100,000+
Maintain or audit funds committed (Explain)* Size of budget impacted
Little or no budget responsibility
Provides technical expertise in evaluating the costs of implementing, developing, and supporting
emerging technologies and recommends accordingly the purchase of all necessary hardware,
software, or other equipment.
The server hardware that will host all or part of the new programs, systems, and services created as a
result of this position, and for which the library will have to budget for the ongoing management,
maintenance, and periodic replacement of, is valued in excess of $100,000.
What are the essential functions and responsibilities of this position (please indicate approximate
percentage of time devoted to each function)?
Function/Responsibility % of Time
Programming 50%
Fulfill library-centric information technology needs by developing custom in-house computer
programs, systems and services.
Enhance the performance and usability of existing library-centric information technology by
optimizing and extending computer programs, systems, and services.
Automate tasks so work can be carried out by others.
Customize open source and commercial computer programs, systems, and services.
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