56 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
24. Were you able to track the costs of your most recent contribution to an OSS project? N=53
Yes 10 19%
No 43 81%
If yes, please identify the most recent OSS project, indicate the costs of contributing to that
project, and briefly describe what expenses were covered (e.g., staff time, equipment, training,
travel, etc.) N=10
OSS Project Costs Expenses Covered
Avalon Media System Not available Travel to meetings and conferences
Crowd-sourced transcription tool $7500 Consultant, in-house staff time
Custom Voyager Reports Server Staff time and equipment Staff time and equipment
DSpace REST API Approx. $10,000 Salary/benefits (2 months developer time)
Fedora Commons 4 Pending Pending
Fedora Commons We cannot share cost
information at this time.
We cannot share cost information at this time.
Open Journal System (OJS) 5% of developer time Staff time, travel
Open Journal System (OJS) $2750 Conduct design work, client meetings, programming,
testing, troubleshooting, and documentation
Papyrus N/A Staff time
Vireo 1 FTE for 1 year Wages, travel, training
What was the source of the funds for contributing to this OSS project? Check all that apply. N=45
Library’s operating budget 43 96%
Grant(s) 10 22%
Parent institution 3 7%
Consortial budget(s) 2 4%
Gift(s) 1 2%
Other funding source(s) 2 4%
Please specify the other funding source(s). N=2
Able to track, chose not to track. Would come from library’s operating budget.
Funded by another university division (Technology Services)
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