26 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
workflows, another for reformatting. Our subject pages are driven by the MyLibrary toolkit. We use Library a la Carte for
subject guides.
We use OSS and in-house software for many other needs: lots of back end server stuff like sharing data between
systems, and frontend custom displays for various resources.
8. Please indicate how important each of the following software selection criteria is to your library.
Please make one selection per row. N=76
Criteria 1 Not
2 3 4 5 Very
Functionality that best meets our needs 1 14 61 76
Staff time to support 2 13 35 26 76
Control and customizability 1 13 36 26 76
Monetary cost for support and maintenance 14 40 22 76
Staff time to implement 3 21 31 21 76
Monetary cost for implementation and licensing 2 14 31 27 74
Other criteria 1 2 6 12 21
Number of Responses 1 6 42 65 70 76
If you indicated above that the library is using any “Other criteria” to select library software, please
briefly describe the criteria. N=17
Academically developed and controlled to reduce risk. We do buy vendor solutions but with intention and critical
analysis due to the amount of data we have and priority to preserve and make that information available.
ADA compliant, standards based, interoperable with other systems, meets security standards
Adoption of the software in the wider (library) community. Whether or not the software is actively being maintained.
Compatibility with existing systems
Compliance with industry standards for system interoperation
Integration with complex information environment ability to extend software beyond library to provide services to other
departments and institutions opportunities afforded for professional development in open- and community-sourced
Integration with existing systems
Integration with other library systems. Community of software users and evidence of development.
Interoperability with existing systems. Community around an OSS project.
Interoperability with other systems sustainability
Is it open source?
It is important for any systems to meet accessibility standards.
Safety and security of the software (impact on IT security at the library)
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