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The Hydra Project Code Copyright Statement
Code Copyright Statement - Hydra - DuraSpace Wiki
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commit history.
Read Me
In addition to the LICENSE.txt file, all ProjectHydra code should contain a README.md file, at
the bottom of which is an Acknowledgements section. In this section, please add the following
text (in addition to any other repository-specific acknowledgements):
See exemplars of these at
LICENSE.TXT: https://github.com/projecthydra/hydra/blob/master/LICENSE.txt
README.md: https://github.com/projecthydra/hydra/blob/master/README.md
gist of footer markdown only: https://gist.github.com/mark-dce/5763268
This software has been developed by and is brought to you by the Hydra community.
Learn more at the Project Hydra website
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