SPEC Kit 340: Open Source Software  · 137
Digital Initiatives Programmer 1
Position Description Questionnaire
Rev. 2/1/13
Integrate custom-developed technology into existing computer systems and services.
Implement new online delivery systems as needed.
Provide ongoing upgrades, enhancements, security patches, and bug fixes to implemented computer
programs, systems, and services.
System Administration 25%
Work closely with departmental system administrators to develop, implement, and carry out
procedures for both immediate and long-term administration and support of all new information
technology computer programs, systems, and services this position is responsible for creating and
At a minimum this includes:
Work as a part of a team of admins to manage digital library program servers and maintain all server
software and hardware for each implementation including software upgrades.
Training other departmental system administrators on newly implemented technologies.
Work closely with departmental server administrators to continually maintain and improve the
stability, availability (up time), performance, and security of implemented computer programs,
systems, and services.
Work closely with departmental backup server administrators to perform disaster planning that
ensures all data for implemented computer programs, systems, and services is backed up and fully
recoverable in the event of catastrophic system failure.
Troubleshooting any problems that may occur and developing and implementing solutions and
procedures designed to minimize the chance of their recurrence in the future.
Collaboration 25%
Collaborate with department members, faculty librarians, and other library staff on assigned
information technology development projects.
At a minimum this includes:
Attend and contribute to project-related meetings.
Commit custom development and modification of existing code into a shared revision control system.
Track progress of assigned tasks and keep clear lines of transparency and accountability by using
departmental project management tools.
Ensure that assigned tasks are completed on time and within budget in order to ensure the projects
and departmental needs are met successfully.
Work with others to solve project-related problems in a timely and effective manner.
Document and share procedures with other department members to ensure long-term sustainability of
library systems.
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