SPEC Kit 340: Open Source Software  · 61
Uses valuable staff time: overcome by making sure we only contribute time we can afford and/or that will provide a
desirable return on investment.
27. Does your library use a public repository or forge (e.g., Github, Sourceforge, Google Code,
Bitbucket) to share your open source code? N=52
Yes 41 79%
No 11 21%
If yes, please identify the repository or forge. N=41
Github 38
Google Code 3
SourceForge 3
Bitbucket 2
Drupal GIT 1
RedMine 1
Subversion 1
Currently not, but we’re moving to Github.
We’re exploring doing this in a more standardized, regular way, but are exploring security concerns.
28. What tools does your library use to facilitate collaboration on the OSS projects your library
contributes to? Check all that apply. N=45
Shared version control 37 82%
An issue tracking software package 36 80%
A mailing list 32 71%
A wiki 25 56%
A forum 12 27%
Other tool(s) 10 22%
Please briefly describe the other tool(s) your library uses to facilitate collaboration on OSS projects.
Conference calls
Google Docs
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