30 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We regularly evaluate our needs against the technologies we are using and are aware of alternatives. Because we are
involved in the strategy and development of most of the OSS, we are also aware of the threats for the OSS that we use.
Use of OSS affords us greater time to plan migration or alternative strategies. We have experience and expertise with
vended solutions that offered minimum time and therefore forced quick migration and alternative solutions that in some
cases have proven to not meet our needs.
11. Please identify the open source software that your library has adopted. N=66
Apache, Eventum, Movable Type
Archivists’ Toolkit
AutoDewey: software was created at Northwestern University Libraries, adapted at LC.
AWStats, DSpace, Islandora, Fedora Commons, ICA-AtoM, Archivematica, Drupal, Apache Solr, Apache Lucene,
Apache, Squid, KeePass, Nagios, PuTTY, MongoDB
Blacklight content management system, Google Map viewer API, California Digital Library Micro Services, Archivists’
Toolkit, ArchivesSpace, DSpace, LibStats, Drupal, Omeka, Linux, Apache, LOCKSS
Blacklight, Fedora Commons, DSpace, Handles, WordPress
Blacklight, Fedora Commons
Blacklight, Hydra, Solr, Fedora Commons, DSpace, Opencast Matterhorn, Avalon Media System, Variations Digital Music
Library. Many utilities/tools such as ffmpeg, JHOVE, etc.
Digital Library Extension Service (DLXS), Fedora Commons, Omeka, Guide on the Side, Apache, Tomcat, Wikimedia,
Drupal, PHP, phpScheduleIt, Blacklight
Drupal, CORAL, Guide on the Side, ArchivesSpace
DSpace (2 responses)
DSpace, Open Journal System (OJS)
DSpace, Drupal
DSpace and several others
DSpace, Fedora Commons, Hippo CMS, Drupal, Open Journal System (OJS)
DSpace, Fedora Commons, Hydra, Apache, MySQL, Solr, Linux, Open Journal System (OJS), Python, R, Ruby, Archivists’
Toolkit, ArchivesSpace, WordPress, Drupal, Tomcat
DSpace, Islandora, Fedora Commons, Drupal, Tesseract, ICA-AtoM, Open Journal System (OJS), Open Book System,
Manitobia, LOCKSS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache suite of applications, Python, Redmine (Ruby), Git
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