48 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
19. Please identify the open source software your library has contributed to. N=50
ArchivesSpace, Hydra
Avalon, Variations (testing partner)
Blacklight Reserves Direct OLE
Blacklight, Solr, Hydra, Vireo, Umlaut
Code for custom functions of our ILS
Developing a crowd-sourced transcription tool
Digital Preservation Network (DPN)
Droid, Pronom, storage Resource Baker, iRODS
Drupal, Citation Fox, IL Fox, Movable Type
Drupal, Omeka, DSpace, APTrust, Digital Library Extension Service (DLXS), Copyright Review Management System
(CRMS), MPach, VuFind, Sakai, Solr, Lucene, Kaltura
DSpace (3 responses)
DSpace and File Analyzer
DSpace, Kuali, Fedora Commons, Hydra, django
DSpace, Silverstripe
DSpace, Vireo, CORAL
Evergreen, Islandora, Docker
eXtensible Text Framework (XTF). The work is in progress as of the end of February 2014.
EZProxy Wondertool, Mondo License Grinder, Archivematica
Fedora Commons (2 responses)
Fedora Commons, DuraSpace, ArchivesSpace
Fedora Commons, Blacklight, Hydra, Avalon, Hydramata, ArchivesSpace, APTrust, Digital Preservation Network (DPN),
Solrmarc, Tracksys
Fedora Commons, Islandora
Guide on the Side
Hydra (2 responses)
Hydra, Blacklight
Hydra, CORAL, MyLibrary
Hydra, Blacklight, Umlaut, Xerxes, Drupal, ArchivesSpace, Archivists’ Toolkit, Capistrano
In-house link tracking software, in-house map software, other contributions to VuFind
IR+. eXtensible Catalog, DSpace
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