SPEC Kit 340: Open Source Software  · 39
OSS System Staff Staff hours
per month
Spiceworks 2 4 For this question, we are assuming that “in production” means
systems that we are actually depending upon, as opposed to
systems that we have installed but not started to actively use
(“deployed”), as in the previous question.
Umlaut 2 2 * 21 hours
Vireo 2 10
Vireo2.2 4 10
VIVO 1 10
VIVO 3 180
WordPress, Confluence, JIRA,
1 to 2 20
WordPress 1 25
WordPress 1 We have one full-time webmaster who spends the majority
of his time doing custom design, maintenance, etc. on our
WordPress site, as well as many other library staff who spend
smaller percentages of their time creating content (blog posts,
web pages, etc.)
WordPress 2 15–20 This is time spent maintaining the web server and WordPress
environments and does not include time spent maintaining web
site content.
Additional Comment
We do not have figures for separating software only maintenance and support and again is not useful unless comparing
to something similar that offers the same functions. Much of the software we develop does not have vendor alternatives
and our requirements go beyond just what the software delivers.
15. Were you able to track the costs of the most recently adopted and deployed OSS system? N=71
Yes 10 14%
No 61 86%
If yes, please indicate the costs of adopting that OSS system, and briefly describe what expenses
were covered (e.g., staff time, equipment, training, travel, etc.) N=10
Cost Expenses Covered
$400 Server hosting agreement for VM with university central IT department; cost here
doesn’t include staff time.
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