SPEC Kit 340: Open Source Software · 35
OSS System Staff Staff hours Comments
DSpace 4 200
DSpace 5 1000 Hours calculated on 4 hours of work per week spread
across 5 staff for one year. This relates to a grant project
has been going on for several years. 1000 hours is
probably a conservative estimate. We have not been
formally tracking personnel time for OSS projects.
DSpace 4 200 Mostly one IT staff implementing configurations and
changes and two librarian/admin staff making design
decisions and testing. Sysadmin time during startup.
Fedora Commons 3 80
Fedora Commons 4 unknown
File Analyzer 1 5
Guide on the Side 3 500 This is a piece of software that we actually developed,
so the number of staff hours is very high due to the
development time.
Guide on the Side 3 2 Staff included 1 technical resource and 2 librarians.
Hippo CMS 5 2500 Very rough estimate also includes building the html/CSS
for new website from scratch.
ICA-AtoM 3 700
Islandora 2 many We can’t calculate staff hours with any accuracy, as we
haven’t been systematically keeping track.
Islandora 2 16 We are counting server build only. Software install was
completed by support vendor. We are not counting
system evaluation prior to purchase of vendor support or
customizations/configuration/initial material ingest.
Islandora 3 Difficult to estimate deployment bleeds into other issues,
such as metadata import, etc.
Islanora 4 160 We have four full time staff developing on the Islandora
stack. This includes efforts for Drupal, Solr, and Fedora
Commons, which comprise Islandora.
Koha 7 130 For Jerusalem site
LC Newspaper Viewer 4 100
Linux/Apache/django stack for
library widget
2 0.75
Movable Type Project occurred 8 years ago estimate of staff time
obento (our in-house
developed bento search)
4 500 (approx.)
Open Journal System (OJS) 3 100
Omeka 1.5 40
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