34 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We disagree with the statements above that OSS takes less time to implement and less staff time to support, and so
were unsure how to respond to them. Saying that they are “not important” to us would be misleading, so we left them
We like our OSS to have a robust developer community.
13. Please identify your most recently adopted OSS system that has been deployed, and indicate how
many staff and how many hours of staff time were required to complete the initial production
deployment. An estimate of the number of hours is acceptable. N=63
OSS System Staff Staff hours Comments
ArchivesSpace 2 160
Archivists’ Toolkit 1 100 Customization was contracted out.
Blacklight 3 1500
Blacklight 4 100 The work was done in two 2-week sprints of about
25 hrs/wk. Part of the experience was getting used to
Blacklight as a development environment, in addition to
developing the intended discovery piece.
Blacklight 8 9,000 (very rough
Work on this project spanned many groups and involved
work across several units of our organization. This
estimate is likely to be fairly inaccurate.
Blacklight We cannot share cost related information at this time.
Blacklight, Fedora Commons,
djatoka, Lucene, Book Viewer
2 Approximately 2,000
OSS allowed team to select best components for specific
parts of project to meet project goals of this major
development effort. OSS allowed us to greatly customize
presentation and functionality. Functional changes are
more easily achieved with OSS than a vended product,
but of course requires in-house development staff.
CORAL (e-resource
1 30 Does not include hours spent with data management
from Technical Services just the time the developer spent.
DAMS Islandora, Fedora
1 630
Dokuwiki 1 8
Drupal 2 500 Change platform for library website.
Drupal 3
Drupal 3 1000
Drupal 3 at least 240 hours Three staff members were involved in the implementation
of Drupal, but only a portion of their time for a period of
about three months.
Drupal 5 3500 Library website development and deployment.
Drupal 3 Number of hours was not tracked.
DSpace 2 40
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