SPEC Kit 340: Open Source Software · 55
Viewshare is the LC instance of the Recollection OSS software, so not totally created ab novo at LC but considered an LC
product now.
Vireo, Collaborative Book Reader (CoBRe)
VuFind, Papyrus, Isladora
We created link-tracking software and map software that is OSS but currently only in small release (code shared upon
request). We plan to clean up these projects (and several others) to move them to a public GitHub repository.
Please indicate how important each of the following reasons for deciding to open source the
project is to your library. Please make one selection per row. N=43
Reasons 1 Not
2 3 4 5 Very
Shared effort in development and quality assurance of the product 4 5 7 13 14 43
A desire to contribute to an open source community 1 3 10 15 14 43
A belief that open sourcing would lead to better software 1 6 5 17 13 42
A need for expertise not available in your institution 11 9 11 6 4 41
At the request of another institution 14 7 12 6 2 41
Other reason(s) 2 1 3 6 12
Number of Responses 22 23 29 31 31 43
If you indicated above that the library has other reason(s) for deciding to open source the project,
please briefly describe the reason(s). N=10
Ability for others to adapt tools to meet their needs. Provide support for platforms and services that are not required by
our institution.
Assistance with ongoing sustainability of the product.
Demonstrate expertise of library staff to project in a non-library context. Develop an alternative business to deepen the
libraries’ engagement with researchers and scholars.
How good the system is.
Need for tools not otherwise available.
Other libraries have shared generously before us. We have the expertise and feel some duty to share alike.
Requirements of granting agencies that software developed with grant funds be shared under an open source license.
Risk reduction with resourcing, sustainability and exit strategy.
There was nothing available at the time that ETD-db was developed. Its recent rewrite was entirely for the external use
Training aid, set an example
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