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UI Software Engineer
UI Software Engineer
With a focus on user interface design, we are seeking a web and mobile application developer for digital
collections, research data, and library digital services. This position will leverage both programming and
graphic design skills to design and develop digital exhibits, research data visualizations, and digital media
portals for the web and mobile devices. The incumbent will work closely with other applications
developers to integrate these elements into web sites using Ruby on Rails, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, and
other emerging web technologies. Mobile application development will focus on responsive web
design, but may include native iOS and android application development as well. Mobile applications
are increasingly important to collect, organize, and share data while conducting research and learning.
This position will participate in cross departmental and organizational groups with partners from the
Center for Research Computing (CRC), Academic Technologies, OIT, University Archives, researchers,
and Hesburgh Libraries to support research and collection management throughout campus. A major
focus of this position will be on improving library services through user interface software engineering.
The incumbant will help to support key library discovery applications and related electronic resources.
In collaboration with universities such as Stanford, Virginia, and Northerwestern, the incumbent will also
contribute to an open source project called Hydra (http://hydraproject.org) that was formed to pool our
resources to create groundbreaking digital library tools for ourselves and for the wider community.
Faculty, researchers, students, and staff utilize these Hydra solutions for preserving data, managing
descriptive information, and sharing of research information mandated by grant funding agencies such
as NSF.
The UI Software Engineer:
Designs and develops user focused parts of ruby on rails applications including graphical
elements, user interfaces, and other application elements for digital exhibits, digital library
services, and discovery applications. Integrates responsive web design into web sites to support
mobile devices; creates mobile targeted websites; creates native iOS and Android applications.
Works with other applications and digital library infrastructure developers, designs front end
solutions and orchestrates interactions with services including metadata management,
digitization workflows, image transformation, etc.
Develops digital infrastructure services
Participates in conferences, committee meetings, and planning meetings with partners on
community projects.
Required Qualifications:
1+ years experience with a modern web framework e.g. Ruby on Rails, Django, Play, or
Intimate knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

1+ years experience developing with relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle
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