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14. Please identify your most recently adopted OSS system that is still in production, and indicate how
many staff and how many staff hours per month are required to maintain the system. An estimate
of the number of hours is acceptable. N=56
OSS System Staff Staff hours
per month
ArchivesSpace 5 15 We are still in the process of migrating from Archon to
Archivists’ Toolkit 1 100
Blacklight 3 200
Blacklight 4 300 The system, though deployed, is still under active development.
We cannot separate development from support.
Blacklight We cannot share cost related information at this time.
DAMS Islandora, Fedora
2 280 The number of staff hours includes more than maintenance
because the system is continually being developed for use
beyond the library, to the entire enterprise. The two staff
are working full time on the system, migrating digital assets
from other legacy and proprietary systems into the DAMS,
implementing authentication, user-centered interface and
navigation, writing bulk ingesters, creating testing scripts,
distributed solutions, data preservation processes, etc.
Droid 2 200
Drupal 1 20
Drupal 2 30–40
Drupal 2 75 Two staff members are involved with maintaining Drupal, but
not full time. It adds up to about .5 FTE.
Drupal 5 125 Library web site
Drupal 5 100
Drupal 3 Hours unknown
DSpace 1 2
DSpace 1 5
DSpace 2 32 We are not currently tracking maintenance time for OSS
DSpace 2 120
DSpace 2 10 One Sysadmin handling patches/updates/security and one
Developer handling feature requests and fixes.
eReserves 2 250 This is a locally developed system that we don’t open source
Fedora Commons 3 80
Fedora Commons 4 512
File Analyzer 1 20
Guide on the Side 1 10
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