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Cost Expenses Covered
$646,119.07 over 4 years (yearly
average cost $161,529.76)
Staff (IT, Archival, Tech Services), 3rd party developers, Amazon cloud hosting & storage
$3,800 3800
Approximately $8,000 Staff time
$50,000 Consulting, hosting, staff time, training, travel
$17,000 Vendor installation and support, virtual server, travel. Other costs not tracked so not
$40,000 Staff development time - NSF grant budget
$45,500 Staff time
We cannot share cost related
information at this time.
We cannot share cost related information at this time.
Approximately $200,000 Staff time, equipment
What was the source of the funds for adopting this OSS system? Check all that apply. N=70
Library’s operating budget 69 99%
Grant(s) 6 9%
Parent institution 4 6%
Consortial budget(s) 4 6%
Gift(s) 1 1%
Other funding source(s) 3 4%
Please specify the other funding source(s). N=3
2014 expenses will be reduced by the Amazon cloud hosting, storage, and back-up costs ($130,034.16) because the
university’s central IST department will provide these services locally.
We are able to track project costs but our practice is not to track time spent to implement.
We have library staff working on this project, but we have not tracked their hours, since it is part of their day-to-day
16. Please briefly describe up to three benefits your library enjoys as a result of adopting OSS systems.
A cost effective means to deploy business critical software and services. Ability to customize for internal uses. Ability to
serve users of the digital library with software standards and standard interfaces.
A single system hosts many formats; still images, books, newspapers, audio, video and manages all associated files,
derivatives, preservation data. The core system was further developed to meet specific local functional requirements
of users without waiting for vendor releases. The system is scalable to millions of objects and can provide a single
enterprise solution for the whole university.
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