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Author’s Rights Retention Kit
Author's Rights Retention Kit -Author's Rights Retention Kit by Ann Viera &Peter Fernandez -Research Guides at University of Tennessee Knoxville
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Attention Authors!
The publication process fails to serve the needs of an inattentive author.
In order to manage their copyright assets throughout the process it is vital
that authors read and understand the agreements that they sign. Authors
should think about both current needs and future uses of their works and
be certain that they retain rights sufficient to accommodate those needs.
-From Copyright and authors' rights: A Briefing paper
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Retain the Rights You Need
Publishers require only the author’s permission to publish an
article, not a wholesale transfer of copyright.
Use Sherpa/Romeo to quickly find publishers' policies when
deciding where to publish and what rights you'll need to negotiate.
Use the How Open Is It? guide to make informed decisions about
where to publish based on publishers' policies.
Use the Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine to generate a
cusomized addendum to your publisher's contract, reserving the
rights you need.
Toll Access publishers’ contracts restrict an author's use of
published work in teaching and research. Contracts may prohibit
placing the final version publisher's pdf
on course websites
in a course-pack
in scholarly presentations
on the author’s personal web page
and in digital archives like UTK's TRACE
Some publishers anticipate an author's legitimate need to distribute
and repurpose his/her work and no longer require exclusive rights
to publication.
About embargos: Some publishers balance their interest in
recouping publishing costs with the author’s desire to disseminate
their ideas broadly, placing an embargo, usually 6-12 months, on
the author's ability to place the publisher's pdf in a digital archive.
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What to Look for in Publisher Copyright Agreement Forms:
make the work accessible in Trace or another digital repository
Author Rights Video by Diego Argaez/SPARC
1. Scrutinize the Copyright Transfer Agreement
2. Negotiate with the Publisher: transferring copyright doesn't have to be all or nothing
3. Retain the Rights You Need: Value Your Intellectual Property
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Why Retain Your Rights?
Keep Your Copyrights: Columbia Law School
"....why you might want to keep your copyrights, and to provide information both to help you
hold on to your rights and to grant on reasonable terms the rights you do license."
The SPARC Author Rights support page
Deposit in TRACE
Depositing the full text of your scholarly output in the University of Tennessee’s digital archive,
TRACE will make it more accessible and findable to a wider audience.
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Open or Closed: Author's Choice
From http://www.youtube.com/openaccessnet.
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Author's Rights Retention Support, including negotiating with publishers on copyright transfer, Creative Commons, and the UT Open Publishing Support
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