SPEC Kit 343: Library Support for Faculty/Researcher Publishing · 31
We have a librarian dedicated to “author rights, copyright, and publishing consultation.”
6. Which of the following best describes the status of open access policy implementation at your
institution? N=70
There is no policy and none is under consideration 33 47%
A policy is under consideration 17 24%
A policy has been implemented 15 21%
A policy has passed, but has not been implemented 5 7%
If there is a policy, please briefly explain whether there is one or multiple policies, and whether it
applies to the entire institution or to specific departments/units. N=27
Policy has been implemented N=15
A policy specifically for the Libraries’ faculty has been implemented. Library faculty members are not required to adopt
the policy. Each faculty member has the option to agree to the policy or not.
Entire institution
One policy for the entire institution
One policy applies to all faculty at the Institute.
Policy only encouraged support of open access principle, and has no mandate.
Single policy applies to all faculty across the institution.
The university has an institutional open access policy, passed by the Faculty Senate in 2009 and being implemented
since 2010.
The university has an Open-Access Statement of Principles for Scholarly Articles passed by the Faculty Senate in 2011
that encourages OA journal article publication and encourages granting the university non-exclusive rights to license
the publication.
There are multiple school-level policies that have been implemented. And many are under discussion.
There is one policy for faculty librarians only that encourages (but does not require) us to publish in open access journals.
There is one policy that applies to all the faculty.
There is one policy that applies to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, for Masters and PhD theses.
This is NOT an institutional policy, only a library-wide policy.
University of California policy covers ten campuses for Faculty Senate positions, but does not include research staff
or lecturers. University of California, San Francisco adopted a policy prior to the entire UC system that is structurally
similar, but also includes research faculty beyond Faculty Senate for its campus. In order to cover non-Academic Senate
researchers, students, and staff, the UC Office of the President has convened a task force to develop a corollary UC
Presidential OA Policy to cover these stakeholders, which is currently under comment and review.
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