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Academic Commons -FAQ
What is Academic Commons?
What doesn't Academic Commons do?
How is Academic Commons backed up?
How does Academic Commons differ from University Archives?
Does Academic Commons have any analysis or visualization tools?
Who can deposit in Academic Commons?
Why should I deposit in Academic Commons?
What can I deposit in Academic Commons?
What can't I deposit in Academic Commons?
What happens to materials deposited in Academic Commons?
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What are the Terms of Use for Academic Commons?
What is the Academic Commons Privacy Policy?
Can I make changes to an item once I've deposited it into Academic Commons?
Are items peer-reviewed before they go in Academic Commons?
I only want people at Columbia to view my work. Can you limit access to Academic Commons?
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Are works in Academic Commons protected by copyright?
I am the co-author of an article. Do I have to let my co-authors know that I am depositing in Academic Commons?
I think the publisher owns the copyright to my work. How do I know what I can deposit?
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