SPEC Kit 343: Library Support for Faculty/Researcher Publishing · 137
Amendment to Publication Agreement
MIT amendment to publication agreement draft rev 1/2909
Instructions to authors for use of MIT Amendment to Publication Agreement
Step 1: Sign your publisher’s copyright transfer or publication agreement when you submit your
final manuscript for publication with the following statement written above your signature:
“subject to attached amendment”
Step 2: Attach this amendment (next page) with the information filled in and your signature on
the bottom.
Step 3: Send both to publisher.
To help assess the success of MIT authors using the amendment, please also follow these
additional steps:
Step 4: Email the addendum to amend-cip@mit.edu, or send a copy to the FAX number on the
bottom. (This will allow MIT to gather aggregated data about use. Data about individual uses
will not be shared.)
Step 5: Please give us any feedback that you receive from the publisher, by emailing amend-
If you would like support when a publisher asks questions or raises objections about the
amendment: send email to amend-cip@mit.edu, or contact Ellen Duranceau, Scholarly
Publishing and Licensing Consultant, efinnie@mit.edu, x38483.
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