SPEC Kit 343: Library Support for Faculty/Researcher Publishing · 47
Office of Scholarly Publishing and the university press
Open Access Subvention Fund
Press is part of Libraries. Press staff regularly work with Libraries faculty and staff to support publishing initiatives
on campus.
Promote better coordination of library services training to do data analysis on the cluster refer researchers when their
research needs more computational or statistical support.
Providing workshops and training hosted by the school.
Research Data Services SU Press. An example of intra-institutional collaboration to support publishing is the joint
imprint mentioned above, “Syracuse Unbound.” This imprint represents a collaboration meant to leverage the Press’s
editorial, intellectual property, and marketing &design expertise, and the Libraries’ metadata, IT, and digital information
management, archiving, and storage expertise, in part as a way to address campus needs for new, specifically
noncommercial, OA publishing venues.
The IR librarian works with faculty to publish open access journals in the IR.
The libraries work with the Office of Digital Learning and the Office of General Counsel on copyright, licensing, and
reuse of publications within edX (MOOC) courses. The Libraries collaborate with the Institutional Research Office
regarding obtaining and managing data on researcher publications and authors.
The Libraries’ Digital Publishing Services supports editors of journals across campus through a publishing distribution
list and regular Editors Forums, where editors can meet to talk about issues and to find solutions for common problems.
Staff from the University Press of Kansas and Allen Press also participate in the list and Editors Forums. Also, staff of the
Libraries’ Office of Scholarly Communication &Copyright consult with faculty and departments about author’s rights,
research visibility, copyright issues, and open access publishing.
The library hosts scholarly journals and the bookstore provides print-on-demand services for these journals. The Libraries
collaborated the Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Faculty to host Open Access 101 event.
UCI Libraries works with California Digital Library, who maintains eScholarship, to recruit and support OA journal
creation and publication.
We cross-link and/or provide relevant web content.
We have offered and/or assisted with some training sessions for faculty through the Institute for Teaching and Learning
Excellence. As previously mentioned, we are hoping to expand our support services for faculty/researcher publishing.
We host some of the faculty monographs that were published by the university press. In addition, we collaborate
with the press by providing a space and persistent URL for monographic supplemental content (not included in the
monograph) written by their other authors.
We host workshops/presentations with Office of Research staff to inform them of scholarly communication services
available in the library, with the hope that when a faculty member needs help the staff person will put them in touch
with us because they’ll view us as support staff with expertise that can assist with compliance issues or other scholarly
communication/publishing issues.
We will maintain a digital display of PowerPoint and video presentations by campus researchers. The content will be
proposed by the Vice Chancellor for Research. We will package the content and support the display equipment.
We work with clinicians, provide information and instructional support to institution researchers, primarily clinicians.
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