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Paul Sorrentino: Stephen Crane: A life of fire
With the exception of Poe, no American writer
has proven as challenging to biographers as the
author of The Red Badge of Courage. Stephen
Crane's short, compact life—"a life of fire," he
called it—continues to be surrounded by myths
and half-truths, distortions and outright
fabrications. Mindful of the pitfalls that have
marred previous biographies, Paul Sorrentino
has sifted through garbled chronologies and
contradictory eyewitness accounts, scoured the
archives, and followed in Crane's footsteps. The
result is the most complete and accurate account
of the poet and novelist written to date.
Janet Abbate: Recoding gender
Today, women hold only a quarter of computer
science degrees and technical computing jobs,
and the stereotype of the male computer geek
seems to be everywhere in popular culture. Few
people know that women were a significant
presence in the early decades of computing in
the United States and Britain—indeed, in the
1950s programming was often considered
woman's work. In Recoding Gender, Janet
Abbate explores the untold history of women in
computer science and programming from the
Second World War to the late twentieth century.
Elisabeth L. Austin: Exemplary ambivalence in late nineteenth-century Spanish
The Visible Scholarship Initiative is a collaboration between the College of Liberal
Arts and Human Sciences and the University Libraries that seeks to make visible the
stages of research and creative scholarship in the liberal arts and human sciences.
Illustrating how faculty address key questions, employ varied methods, and produce
significant results makes it possible to acknowledge and encourage research and
creative activities that engage challenging questions and demonstrate sophisticated
Works used in these research and creative processes are displayed on the second
floor near the news alcove.
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