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Clinical librarians and individuals with PhDs go far beyond these types of support to provide filtered, relevant
information packets on clinical questions, and they actively participate in conducting systematic reviews throughout the
medical center.
Copyright issues: scholarly communication librarian. Data management plan assistance: data management librarian.
Data management consultation done by some liaison librarians, Scholarly Communication Librarian, Scholarly
Communication Resident Librarian, and Copyright and Information Policy Librarian.
Data management librarian: Data management best practices support for digital humanities projects
Data management planning: Data Librarian
Data Management Services provides assistance with data management plans and data management training (free).
They also will archive data (fee-based).
DOIs provided through Data Services department.
Identify funding opportunities, reviewing research grant proposals, reviewing IRB and/or IACUC applications,
connecting researchers with potential collaborators: liaison librarians, scholarly communication librarian.
Often liaison librarians are embedded in the research process to a greater extent offered by the available choices here,
to the point of becoming research partners, sometimes with authorship credits.
Other data librarian services include data management plans, data archiving, and data visualization.
Other services include providing training to faculty and graduate students on how to conduct searches for primary-
source special collections material (that is, not commercial print literature, but other resources) which is done by
library faculty in library’s Special Collections and in the library’s Oral History Research Program providing a platform
for refereed journals through the library’s Open Journal System which is done by our Digital Library Services librarians
(equivalent to Data Management) for the Institutional Repository and occasionally verifying and/or checking citations
for faculty for article or book manuscripts which is done by some liaison librarians.
Point faculty to tools for managing resources or enhancing research productivity (e.g., RefWorks): liaison librarians/
subject specialists.
Provide resources, workshops, and advice on personal content management services to manage citations and papers
used in research process. Offer information on scholarly resources that allow text mining, where APIs can be found for
text mining, and act as intermediary to obtain APIs in some cases: liaison librarians/subject specialists.
Provide training on how to navigate/search finding aids for archival collections copyright guidance membership in
HathiTrust: liaison librarians/subject specialists.
Purchase content/resources, policy work and consultation on digital humanities and social science issues: IR staff.
Research Data Management Support through our Digital Assets Librarian. Data consultations: Data Librarian. Faculty
consultations: Digital Initiatives Librarian.
Research using primary sources in special collection (archives, manuscripts, and rare books): liaison librarians/
subject specialists.
Data management librarian provides data analysis consulting and statistical consulting within Research Data Services.
Systematic Reviews: liaison librarians or subject specialists
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