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7. Can I restrict access to my content in MINDS@UW?
To some extent, yes, though we strongly prefer that you make your work
available to the world, in agreement with MINDS@UW’s mission and the
Wisconsin Idea.
The descriptive information (author, title, keywords, etc.) about an item in
MINDS@UW cannot be access-restricted. Digital content can be
restricted to a range of Internet addresses, either by default in a given
collection, or on a case-by-case basis.
Depositing Work
1. How do I add my content to MINDS@UW?
If you have not added anything to MINDS@UW before, please check with
your MINDS@UW liaison to be given deposit rights to the appropriate
MINDS@UW collection(s) for your content. If no appropriate collection
exists, your MINDS@UW liaison will help you get one started.
To deposit content, just log in (using "Shibboleth authentication") and
click the "Start a New Submission" button. From there, just follow the
screens. You may pause a submission at any time MINDS@UW
remembers what you have already entered. If you have questions or run
into difficulties, ask your MINDS@UW liaison or simply use the feedback
2. Will I need special software to upload content?
No. Only a web browser.
3. What types of digital files are accepted?
MINDS@UW can accept almost any self-contained file format. To help
ensure that your content remains readable and usable long into the future,
however, MINDS@UW prefers open, standard, non-proprietary, common
formats whenever they are available. Please contact us if you have any
questions or concerns about appropriate file formats.
4. Can MINDS@UW scan my paper documents into digital form for me?
Unfortunately, no. Check with your campus’s IT division for scanning
equipment and training. If you have a substantial and/or highly valuable
collection, consider contacting the UW Digital Collections Center about
their digital project development process.
5. Can I remove items once they’ve been posted in MINDS@UW?
Under most circumstances, no. MINDS@UW’s primary goal is to preserve
its contents indefinitely. MINDS@UW is not meant for ephemeral content
and items likely to be revised.
Mistakes do happen, and problems do arise in that case, contact the
MINDS@UW coordinator.
6. Can I submit content to MINDS@UW from an already existing
Yes, using the normal MINDS@UW submission workflow.
Using, Searching, and Browsing MINDS@UW Content
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