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1. What is MINDS@UW?
2. Whom do I contact about MINDS@UW?
Ownership, Copyright, and Permissions
1. Who can deposit content into MINDS@UW?
2. Can I deposit content that I created before I joined the UW? What happens to my
MINDS@UW content if I leave the UW?
3. Can I put already-published work in MINDS@UW?
4. Does MINDS@UW take over my copyright when I deposit my work?
5. What is Creative Commons? How is a Creative Commons license different from the
MINDS@UW license?
6. Can I deposit institutional records such as meeting minutes into MINDS@UW?
7. Can I restrict access to my content in MINDS@UW?
Depositing Work
1. How do I add my work to MINDS@UW?
2. Will I need special software to upload content?
3. What types of digital files are accepted?
4. Can MINDS@UW scan my paper documents into digital form for me?
5. Can I remove items once they’ve been posted in MINDS@UW?
6. Can I submit content to MINDS@UW from an already existing database?
Using, Searching, and Browsing MINDS@UW Materials
1. Who can view MINDS@UW content?
2. Is MINDS@UW full-text searchable?
3. How do I search across a lot of sites like MINDS@UW?
4. Does a Google search find content in MINDS@UW?
MINDS@UW Organization
1. What’s the difference between a community and a collection?
2. What do I need to know to create a community in MINDS@UW? Can I get training
3. Can I change my community’s name, logo, or description after it’s created?
1. Why did the UW Libraries decide to start MINDS@UW?
2. What does MINDS@UW stand for?
3. Who is responsible for managing MINDS@UW?
Promoting the Wisconsin Idea
by providing professional
leadership in the creation of
quality digital resources from
libraries and archives for
faculty, staff and students,
citizens of the state and
scholars at large.
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