SPEC Kit 343: Library Support for Faculty/Researcher Publishing · 17
Data Management
Assist/facilitate with data management
Dataset publishing
Disciplinary expertise of librarians make us logical partner for campus-wide initiatives in
data management
Advise about use of Creative Commons
Copyright education
Authors rights consultation
Develop strategies for managing copyright and licenses to scholarly works
Robust rights management consultation to faculty researchers and new scholars
Researcher Identity/Profile
Manage ORCID IDs
Writing Support
Showcasing Faculty Research
Hosting conferences, lectures and exhibitions with faculty
Work with provost or offices of research to promote scholarship of faculty
Library as Publisher
Library-based Publication of Faculty Research
Support faculty journal and conference proceedings publishing
Provide infrastructure for journal publication
Host alternative publishing venues
Funding needed to develop more library based publishing
Development of Publishing Support Tools
Collaborate with academic presses
Create hybrid system that can support publications through university press and library
Work as technologists connecting researchers with new tools and hardware to support their
research goals
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