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eCommons Support
Cornell University Library Support for eCommons
Preservation Support Policy
Collections and Collection Administration
Recommended File Formats for eCommons
Cornell University Library Support for eCommons
The University Library provides a range of services that support the
long-term preservation and access to digital content.
User Support
The Library operates an eCommons user support service for answering
questions about eCommons. We can be contacted by going to
The Library can offer consulting on topics related to digital preservation
and access, including:
Digitization: options for converting analog materials to digital
format, recommended procedures, and cost estimates.
File formats: which formats have a high "preservation support
level" in eCommons and whether it is possible to convert existing
files to these formats. See Recommended File Formats for
Author's rights and copyright: how to determine whether an
author has the rights to deposit her/his work in eCommons, and how
to secure these rights.
eCommons Collections: consult with those responsible for
eCommons Collections on rights and responsibilities of Collections
and how to create effective and flexible workflows.
To request additional information about these topics, please contact
Digital Consulting and Production Services. Fees may apply.
Digitization and content preparation, for submission to eCommons
The University Library may be able to help you prepare content for
submission to eCommons. The Library offers various services for
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