140 · Representative Documents: Author Addenda
University of Michigan Author’s Addendum
University of Michigan Author’s Addendum
Academic publishing involves a partnership between academic authors, institutions of higher
learning, publishers, and, sometimes, granting agencies. Consistent with its commitment to academic
freedom and to open and robust dissemination of knowledge, the University of Michigan supports the
goal of having its faculty retain core intellectual property rights when their scholarly works are
published. The terms of this addendum represent the minimum expected in the case of articles, book
reviews, research reports, etc. being published in journals or book compilations.
This Addendum constitutes an integral part of this publishing agreement and is binding on
both parties. Should there be conflicting terms or conditions between the body of this agreement
and this addendum, this addendum shall be paramount. This publishing agreement, including the
addendum, constitutes the final agreement between the AUTHOR (where the term "author"
includes the plural) and PUBLISHER with respect to the publication of the Article and the
allocation of rights provided by Copyright.
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