108 · Representative Documents: Support for Repository Deposits
eCommons Support
preparing and submitting content to eCommons. This includes digitization,
metadata generation, file conversion, and batch submission processes.
Please contact Digital Consulting and Production Services. Fees may
At this time, the Library discourages requests for customized interface
access methods to content within eCommons. This includes customized
browse lists and other specialized entry points into eCommons that need
to be maintained by eCommons staff.
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Preservation Support Policy
See the Preservation Support Policy under eCommons Policies.
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Collections and Collection Administration
See the description of Collections and Collection Administration under
eCommons Rights and Responsibilities.
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Recommended File Formats for eCommons
eCommons can accept many electronic file formats. As stated in the
eCommons Preservation Support Policy, the University Library is
committed to preserving the binary form of the digital object of content
deposited in eCommons. As resources permit, the Library will also take
further measures to preserve as much functionality ("look and feel") of
the original content as possible.
The long-term preservation of the complete and original functionality of
certain file formats, however, may not be practical or possible. Research
and experience has shown that the likelihood of successful long-term
preservation of content is much higher when file formats possess the
following characteristics:
complete and open documentation
non-proprietary (vendor-independent)
no "lossy" or proprietary compression
no embedded files, programs or scripts
no full or partial encryption
no password protection
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