48 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Work with departments supporting OA journals, with Research Support, and News and Communications, provide
consulting about publishing platforms for digital projects.
Answered No, but we plan to N=4
Providing better metadata to the faculty information system for publication tracking, joint support for ORCID.
We are developing a Digital Scholarship and Publishing Program that will potentially involve collaboration with other
campus units, such as writing centers, the Office of Legal Affairs, and the Division of Research.
We plan to collaborate in data management planning and deposit.
We will investigate collaborative support with the Office of Research.
Answered No N=1
Collaborations with Media Commons to support open access, copyright information, etc.
20. Please enter any additional information that may assist the survey authors’ understanding of your
library’s services or activities that support faculty/researcher publishing. N=36
Although we don’t have a faculty profile tool at this time, the library does plan on collaborating with the Office of the
Vice Chancellor for Research to select and support a tool (such as VIVO, Symplectic) and to determine the role ORCID
will play in this.
At our library, the Research Services Librarian performs duties in Scholarly Communications (OA fund, IR) and
Data Management.
At this time, the library does not have the resources to expand support for faculty/researcher publishing beyond what
is provided. I expect we will gradually move more into supporting publication via data management services more than
anything else.
Defining publishing much more broadly than it has been in the past.
In addition to support for depositing scholarly articles, presentations, and research data, the libraries also publish six
open access journals and have developed a tool that creates audiovisual analyses that can be published and referenced
as scholarly publications and also embedded in other publications, such as dissertations. Analytics created by faculty are
managed and their usage is tracked just as print publications.
Information from our website: http://lcr.ucalgary.ca/publishingservices/ The Centre for Scholarly Communication (CSC)
in Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) at the University of Calgary recognizes the continually evolving need for
alternative publishing options. Traditional publishing models such as those through a university press are still important
but no longer the only vehicle for scholars to disseminate their research. The wide-spread usage of the Internet has
opened up many new avenues for scholarly communication—blogs, independent journals on a variety of publishing
platforms, digital monographs as well as conferences and a variety of learning materials—all of which may or may not
be published in open access formats. To accommodate for such needs, the Centre is now providing publishing services.
We are working toward offering support for several types of open source software. The software was developed by
the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). Libraries and Cultural Resources is proud to be a gold sponsor of PKP thereby
contributing to the continual improvement of their open source software: Open Journals System (OJS), Open Conference
Systems (OCS), Open Monograph Press (OMP).
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