40 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We work with the Office of Research Administration in the Division of Research to educate faculty and researchers
about complying with the NIH Public Access Policy offer workshops and individual/group consultations.
Web page and individual assistance as requested
Worked with 08P to add this requirement to the list of items PI’s must acknowledge.
Workshops and individual consultation
Workshops in NIH policy and managing PubMed Central requirements are offered. Individual consulting with librarians
is available as well.
15. Does the library track faculty/researcher publications? N=69
Yes 26 38%
No 43 62%
If yes, what system is used to track these publications? Check all that apply. N=26
Internal system 11 42%
VIVO 6 23%
ORCID 2 8%
ResearcherID 1 4%
Other system 14 54%
Please specify the other system. N=14
A locally created system is used to track and post publications from one research center. No other tracking is done by
the libraries.
A subset of our researcher publications are tracked by the marine school librarians using Scopus and Web of Science.
Academic Analytics
Individual librarians using a variety of terms: Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar.
Liaisons set up alerts in their area databases so that when their faculty publish we reach out and offer to help with
the deposit, explaining the benefits of doing so. We also have an internal CV management system that they update
sporadically for tenure/review we can run queries on it to see publications and reach out based on this information.
Library is currently implementing a faculty profile system made by Symplectic.
Starting in 2012, the university has used Digital Measures to track all faculty/researcher publications. The
implementation of Digital Measures is called Professional Record Online (PRO).
Symplectic Elements system
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