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Open Access Policy
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Open Access Policy
The Florida State University Faculty Senate -Open Access
Approved by Faculty Senate, Oct. 19, 2011
The faculty of The Florida State University is committed to
disseminating its research and scholarship as widely as possible.
This resolution is intended both to confirm the public benefit of
such dissemination and to serve faculty interests by promoting
greater reach and impact for scholarly publications. In keeping with
these commitments, the Faculty Senate adopts the following
The Faculty Senate of The Florida State University, consistent
with the University’s mission to “preserve, expand and
disseminate knowledge” and to provide broad access to
institutional resources and services, endorses the storage
and preservation of scholarly publications in The Florida
State University’s open access institutional repository.
This resolution aims to extend the university's mission into the
digital age. Its goals are to remove access barriers to publicly-
funded scholarship, to centralize the University’s intellectual output
while maintaining quality filters and supporting established
publishing opportunities, and to support faculty who wish to pursue
open access publishing whenever consistent with their
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