SPEC Kit 343: Library Support for Faculty/Researcher Publishing · 139
Amendment to Publication Agreement
MIT amendment to publication agreement draft rev 1/2909
e. To make, or to authorize others to make, the Article available in digital form over the Internet,
including but not limited to a website under the control of the Author or the Author’s employer or
through any digital repository, such as MIT’s DSpace.
6. Final Agreement. This Amendment and the Publication Agreement, taken together, constitute the
final agreement between the Author and the Publisher with respect to the publication of the Article
and allocation of rights under copyright in the Article. Any modification of or additions to the terms of
this Amendment or to the Publication Agreement must be in writing and executed by both Publisher
and Author in order to be effective.
(corresponding author on behalf of all
Date Date
MIT Authors:
Please email to amend-cip@mit.edu or fax a copy of the agreement to 617-253-8894
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