134 · Representative Documents: Author Addenda
Addendum to Publication Agreements for University of Iowa Authors
Copyright Addendum Instructions
The addendum is intended as a convenient way to seek the kinds of rights most academic authors would
value. Here is how you might use it:
1. Sign your publisher’s copyright transfer or publication agreement when you submit your final
manuscript for publication with the following statement written above your signature: “subject to
attached amendment”
2. Attach this amendment with the information filled in and your signature at the bottom.
3. Send both to publisher and save a copy for your records.
The publisher may accept the amendment, reject it outright, or offer a different (more generous) version
of the original agreement. You can at that point sign the original or modified version of the agreement,
continue negotiations, or seek an alternative outlet for your article.
If at any point you would like to consult someone about options, or if you or your publisher have questions
or concerns, contact: Michael Wright, Interim Associate University Librarian for Collections &Scholarly
Communication, michael-wright@uiowa.edu, 319-335-5867.
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