SPEC Kit 343: Library Support for Faculty/Researcher Publishing · 19
The SPEC Survey on Library Support of Faculty/Researcher Publishing was designed by Diane Bruxvoort,
University Librarian &Director, University of Aberdeen, and Christine Fruin, Scholarly Communications
Librarian, at the George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida. These results are based on data
submitted by 71 libraries at 70 of the 125 ARL member libraries (56%) by the deadline of July 7, 2014. The
survey’s introductory text and questions are reproduced below, followed by the response data and selected
comments from the respondents.
Whether by reframing existing services or developing new services, academic and research librarians are engaged in innovative
collaborations that enhance their libraries’ contributions to advancing research and scholarship. Further, by actively participating
in the research and writing process, librarians can utilize their subject expertise to develop new roles for themselves and devise
new modes of contributing to the scholarly communication cycle. This survey explores ARL member libraries’ activities related to
support of faculty and researcher publishing of scholarly works. This introduction will help identify who should respond to the survey
questions, and we encourage involving others at your institution to assist in filling out this survey.
Library publishing services have been a key area of interest for academic and research libraries as evidenced by conference programs,
several recent scholarly articles, and the development of the Library Publishing Coalition, which is dedicated to the investigation and
showcasing of library publishing activities. In addition to providing the mechanism for publication, libraries can also be an important
player in faculty/researcher publishing through the provision of various support services and personal participation in the research
and writing process. As more librarians with subject expertise are being employed, librarians are poised to become more visible
partners in the production of new scholarship, providing in-depth research assistance, data analysis, and serving as co-authors.
The purpose of this survey is to investigate the level and variety of services ARL libraries are providing to support, facilitate, and
participate in the publishing activities of the faculty and researchers they serve, whether through the re-framing of existing traditional
library services or the development of new services.
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