SPEC Kit 343: Library Support for Faculty/Researcher Publishing · 39
Support comes from medical library staff.
The health sciences library teaches classes, provides guidance, receives reports about non-compliance (not individuals
identifiable, aggregate figs).
The institution receives few NIH awards, but the Libraries works with the Office of Research and Engagement to ensure
compliance with other funding agency mandates, such as NSF and other data management plan requirements. We offer
the DMPTool and review of the DMP, minting of DOIs, mediated deposit of data and publications, and we assist PIs in
understanding all of the various identifiers and requirements for citing funded publications.
The library offers workshops and an online guide on the subject.
The scholarly communication librarian helps with the NIH PAP in the form of workshops, one-on-one consultations in
person, phone, or email, and running the NIH compliance report each month.
The Health Sciences Library created an online guide for PIs that explains the NIH Public Access Policy, the process for
submitting articles, and using My NCBI to verify compliance. The library also created a 1-page checklist for PIs that has
been disseminated during instructional sessions and has been posted on the website of the Institute of Translational
Health Sciences. Liaison librarians field questions from individual researchers and administrators. A formal presentation
on complying with the NIH Public Access Policy has also been made to campus research administrators.
There is a LibGuide available for NIH, and liaison librarians will answer questions faculty/researchers may have about
the mandates.
Upon request and through the Office of Sponsored Projects
Use of the repository for open access
We assist them with deposit, provide documentation (subject guides), assist with the creation and implementation of
data management plans, and with the dissemination of other research products. We work closely with the Office of
Research and their compliance office, presenting at some of their workshops for faculty and researchers.
We do not currently have institution-wide participation in our institutional repository (IR). Some liaison librarians
occasionally assist researchers with identifying suitable data repositories. Regents Professors have been directly
approached to participate in our IR. We have a self-deposit option and faculty can approach us directly to deposit their
materials in the IR. Overall, minimal assistance by liaison and/or Digital Library Services librarians is provided to help
researchers understand requirements and options that would help increase access and visibility of material. Sometime
in the near future, we are hoping to add at least one new librarian position whose duties might include scholarly
communications, IR, and data management efforts.
We have an informational website and provide consultation on request.
We have developed a three-page flow chart that outlines the NIH public access compliance. The librarians will help
faculty with any part of that process although the workload is exceeding our staffing.
We trouble-shoot articles that are not in compliance and provide training about how to comply, largely for admin
assistants. We offer hands-on, drop-in workshops where people work together to solve compliance problems and share
info. We offer a website with detailed information about compliance.
We will deposit on their behalf or advise them on how to deposit if that is their preference.
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