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Special and Area Studies Collections - About Area Studies Collections
Area Studies is comprised of the Latin American Collection, the African Studies Collection, the Isser and Rae
Price Library of Judaica, and the Asian Studies Collection. The holdings are significant in terms of quantity and
quality. The collections support the University's academic programs and scholars worldwide.
African Studies Collection
The Africana Collection supports the UF Center for African Studies, one of the most active and highly regarded
such centers in the nation. Likewise, the African Studies Collection is recognized as a unique resource within
the UF Libraries, and ranks among the best such collections in the U.S. The collection numbers upwards of
130,000 volumes and over 500 journal titles published in many languages that are located throughout the
campus libraries. Books and periodicals, audio and video recordings, newspapers, microfilm, rare books,
manuscripts, maps and atlases, computer data files, government documents and a variety of other formats
support research and teaching. The collection facilitates inter-disciplinary and applied approaches to the study
of the continent with current scholarship and materials of historical interest in a vast array of academic and
professional fields.
Asian Studies Collection
The Asian Studies Collection supports the Asian Studies Program at the University of Florida, which includes
East and South Asian history; East, South and Southeast Asian languages and literatures; East, Southeast,
South and Central Asian religions; and Asian-related areas within other humanities and social science fields.
The Asian Studies Collection serves the research and curricula needs of the Asian Studies faculty, the Asian-
related M.A. and Ph.D. students in the separate disciplines, and undergraduates working in various aspects
and stages of Asian Studies.
Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica
The Price Library of Judaica was formally dedicated in March 1981 to support the teaching and research
missions of the Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Florida. The library is named for Isser and Rae
Price, whose sons, Jack and Samuel Price, established a fund in support of the library. The Library's core
collection is the Rabbi Leonard C. Mishkin Library, which at the time of purchase, was the largest private library
of Judaica and Hebraica in the U.S. The Mishkin collection was supplemented by two major acquisitions - the
Shlomo Marenof Library and the inventory of Bernard Morgenstern's bookstore in New York City. The Library
has build upon these acquisitions and is taking its place alongside the well-respected and mature Judaica
collections on other American campuses. With few exceptions, the Price Library holds most of the important
scholarly landmark literature and classic texts in Jewish studies. It has become a library without peer in the
southeastern United States.
Latin American Collection
The Latin American Collection is among the largest and most distinguished collections of Latin American
materials in the U.S. and has been described as the finest collection of Caribbeana in the world. Because of
Florida's cultural past, the University of Florida has a long tradition of Latin American studies, dating back to the
establishment of the University's Inter-American Institute in 1930. In 1951, the Libraries accepted national
responsibility for collection Caribbean and West Indian material, aided by federal and private support.
Librarians in the 1950s and 1960s traveled extensively acquiring and microfilming newspapers, official gazettes
and rare books from many national archives. There is also deep coverage of Brazil, Mexico, Central America,
Andean nations and the Southern Cone.
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