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University of Kansas
Electronic Resources for African Studies
KU Libraries: KU Libraries: African Studies
http://www.lib.ku.edu/africanstudies/african_studies.shtml[8/10/11 1:52:05 PM]
Includes a collection of thirteen electronic journals with back and current issues available online. The user
should note that these journals are not covered in the alphabetical list available on the Columbia University
African magazines, journals, and newsletters on the Internet. Comp. by Karen Fung, Stanford University.
An extensive collection of electronic resources, with annotation for each entry indicating accessibility, source,
and other pertinent user information. Available as a topical search in the larger site, "Africa south of the
Sahara :selected Internet resources."
African Journals Online (AJOL)
Brings African scientific journals to a wider audience by publishing their current contents on the International
Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) web site. Citations and abstracts are provided,
with a document delivery service available by subscription.
University of Kansas Libraries. E-Journals
From the University of Kansas Libraries homepage, click on E-journals for list of titles, with keyword and title
search capability.
Online Library Catalogs and Research Guides
Listed here are the research libraries with the most extensive collections of Africana in
the United States
Boston University Libraries. African Studies Library. Created by Gretchen Walsh.
Includes extensive notes on the scope of the African studies library collections, general purpose of the
collection, scope of coverage for languages, geographical areas, chronological periods, and general subject
boundaries. Also includes guidelines on types of materials collected or not collected.
Indiana University Libraries. African Studies. Maintained by Marion Frank-Wilson.
Collection description includes statement on the general purpose, subjects, African languages, and various
formats collected. Also lists materials excluded. "The African Studies Program at Indiana University supports a
wide spectrum of courses and research in the humanities and social sciences, with special emphasis on
history, linguistics, anthropology, folklore and the arts." --Current website.
Library of Congress. African and Middle Eastern Reading Room.
Includes a fine illustrated guide to the Africana collections at the Library of Congress, with substantial notes on
the library's Africana holdings. Also includes information on hours, bibliographies and finding guides published
by the Section, literature describing the Section and its collections, doing research at LC, and a list of FAQ's.
Michigan State University. Africana at MSU Library. Comp. by Peter Limb &Joseph Lauer
One of the largest collections of Africana in the United States, with roughly 200,000 books, pamphlets, maps,
and microform units covering all relevant disciplines, languages, and regions of the continent. See note on
website for further information about the collection scope, including collection development policy statement.
Northwestern University. Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies.
The largest separately housed collection of Africana in the United States, including more than 260,000 bound
volumes in its print collection. The Herskovits also receives more than 3,000 periodicals, journals, and
newspapers, and has extensive collections of Africana archival materials, posters, conference papers, rare
books, and uncataloged collections of vertical file materials and African language texts. The Africana
Conference Paper Index is the premier source for conference papers on Africa, with a database of
approximately 70,000 entries. Papers in the collection may be requested via interlibray loan services.To
access the Africana Conference Paper Index or the Africana Vertical File Index, click on NuCat, then click
on "Special NU Databases," and choose the index desired in the "databases" box.
Stanford University. African Collection. comp. by Karen Fung, African Studies Librarian.
Includes a guide for finding African studies information at Stanfurd University and links to other Africa-related
resources on campus, new acquisitions list, and the well-known Internet guide, "Africa south of the Sahara :
selected Internet Resources"
UCLA Library Collections and Internet Resources in African Studies. Comp. by Ruby Bell-Gam.
Includes extensive notes on library holdings for sub-Saharan Africa in various formats, with links to other
Africana collections at UCLA. Also includes a very extensive guide to Internet resources for African studies.
University of California at Berkeley. Library Resources on Africa. Comp. by Phyllis Bischof.
Collections include approximately 180,000 books and 1,000 current periodicals and newspapers. Books,
serials, national development plans, statistical and census documents are presented in depth, with extensive
secondary sources for the study of African history. The site also includes an extensive guide to Internet
resources for African studies.
University of Florida. George A. Smathers Library. Africana Collection. Comp. by Daniel Reboussan and
Peter Malanchuk.
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