122 · Representative Documents: Collection Development Policies
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Collection Development Policy. Hawaiian Collection
duplicated in paper for the Hawaiian Collection except for selected major items and
ERIC documents on the Hawaiian language.
Wong Audiovisual Center: The Hawaiian Collection selects and funds audiovisual
materials in all formats on Hawaiÿi, which are housed in the Wong Audiovisual Center.
The Hawaiÿi Media Library is responsible for selection and processing of television
programs on Hawaiÿi taped off-air.
University of Hawaiÿi at Mänoa William S. Richardson School of Law Library
The Hawaiian Collection acquires law materials about Hawaiÿi, which may duplicate
those in the School of Law Library.
Off-Campus Collections
The Hawaiian Mission Children's Society Library specializes in primary Protestant
mission-related materials. It contains the largest collection of Hawaiian language
materials. The Hawaiian Collection acquires printed books on Hawaiÿi missions and
missionaries, and publications and photocopies of Hawaiian language material.
The Family History Centers of the Church of Latter-Day Saints hold major collections of
genealogical resources on all ethnic groups in Hawaiÿi. The Hawaiian Collection
duplicates a small number of these materials.
The Hawaiÿi State Archives is the depository for official and primary records of all of the
governments of Hawaiÿi, including the Hawaiian Kingdom, the Provisional Government,
the Republic of Hawaiÿi, the Territory of Hawaiÿi, and the State of Hawaiÿi. The
Hawaiian Collection duplicates some of these materials.
The Bishop Museum Library is the major depository of primary source materials on
traditional Hawaiian culture. The Bishop Museum Library also contains major collections
of moving images and photographs. The Hawaiian Collection selectively acquires
photocopies of their print materials.
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